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website cost in kenya

website design cost in kenya

website cost in kenya varies depending on the website category there are two general types of websites in kenya:

  1. corporate/business website design
  2. Ecommerce website design

Corporate/Business website design

website cost in kenya from ksh 10,000 however it dependent on the added functionalities like portals ,live chat integration .most website designers charge low but may end up being very unprofessional by developing static websites that are not responsive in todays world, Most users on the internet use mobile phones to access internet since they are portable and can be accesses from anywhere compared to desktops According to a report by telemedia   report it shows most users use mobile to get into websites and internet

Ecommerce website design

ecommerce website design costs from ksh 20,000 ,most website designers go around the ecommerce websites and may not deliver as expected mostly when incomes to integrations. Most of them are just designers what we call river road or street designers who have no knowledge of coding and may end up frustrating your quest to get your products to sell online.

Most common payment methods are mostly Mpesa and visa/Mastercard payments. Please ensure you have written contracts to avoid frustration and also being shortchanged when it comes to delivery