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Website Maintenance in kenya

Website Maintenance in kenya

The digital world is in a state of constant flux, and it is mandatory that you keep your apps, web portals and other software updated. kenyawebsitemasters not only designs and develops your portals but also maintains them to keep them running smoothly and to protect them from sudden attacks or jinxes.

Be it fixing bugs, or optimising old pages, doing necessary tech updates and integrating required elements- kenyawebsitemasters does it all. We also manage third-party updates so that your app is always integrated and running smoothly. Our team takes care of security patches, provides insights on hardware updates and even new functionalities.

Anyone who has managed an app will know that almost every day, numerous update notifications pop-up. However, not all of them are relevant or necessary. With kenyawebsitemasters at the helm, you can be sure that your app gets only the essential updates and is appropriately scaled so that it does not get bloated with unnecessary add ons.